Tougaloo names Dr Carmen J Walters 14th president; alumni express concerns

Nonprofit Mississippi News. The search for Tougaloo College’s next president has ended. The Tougaloo College Board of Trustees had announced Dr. Carmen J. Walters as its 14th president. She is the second woman to hold the office. Walters’ appointment comes after Beverly Wade Hogan, who served 17 years as the college’s first female president, resigned. Walters was the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s executive vice president for enrollment, student success and institutional relations for six years. In a press release, Walters stated that it was a dream come true to be the president of the private, historically black college which dates back 150 years. “Tougaloo is rich in history. It’s evident when you visit the campus and take a walk around these beautiful grounds. She said it was a challenge and an opportunity to preserve this wonderful history, but also bring Tougaloo forward for another 150 years. Although the appointment was praised by boosters, there were many issues with the selection process. Unsigned letter dated February 14 was addressed to college trustees by members of the selection and a national alumni organization, Tougaloo Alumni for Accountability and Progress. It asked that the committee consider other candidates than Walters and Melva Williams from Southern University at Shreveport. The letter noted that neither candidate had any experience working at a private HBCU. This, according to the authors, is necessary in order to meet Tougaloo’s needs for special fundraising expertise. “Neither Dr. Walters or Dr. Williams have demonstrated the ability lead Tougaloo at

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