Hosemann wants to delay 2021 session as COVID-19 spikes House leaders remain hesitant

Hosemann, the Senate’s leader, stated to reporters that he believes lawmakers should return as planned to Jackson on January 5, complete urgent work within a week, and then recess the session until March 1. Hosemann stated that he was concerned about Hosemann’s legislators returning to other parts of the state to spread it to areas that don’t have it before. “And I worry about the people who work here at the Capitol. There are several hundred people here who work every day,” but House leaders have expressed doubts about the idea in recent weeks and days. Hosemann admitted on Tuesday that the House has resisted his idea. Mississippi Today was told earlier this month by Richard Bennett, R-Long Beach House Education Chair, that he didn’t see the House doing it. “I think that the Legislature should be working too,” Hosemann and Gunn were among the few dozen legislators who succumbed to COVID-19 at the Capitol earlier this year. A large outbreak that also affected at most one Capitol staffer, one Capitol police officer and one Capitol detective also led to at least one death. This was a family member, according to Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the State Health Officer. READ MORE: The Coronavirus outbreak at Capitol has left the state government in limbo. After lawmakers had to resign in March over concerns about the coronavirus, the Capitol COVID-19 epidemic occurred in June. Multiple safety precautions were taken when they returned. There was a limit to the number of people permitted in the Senate and House chambers. The desks of the senators are just a few feet apart. Every person who entered the main entrance of the building was taken by health officials. Many legislators ignored the recommended safety precautions to fight COVID-19, such as wearing masks or social distancing. However, some did wear masks. Many of those who contracted the virus later on were not wearing masks, and did not isolate from their colleagues. READ MORE: The Capitol COVID-19 precautions were ignored by legislators. Hosemann suggested that lawmakers meet for at least a week in January to discuss pressing issues such as ratification of new state flag, confirmation hearings, and federal stimulus spending. Hosemann suggested that lawmakers could complete their year’s work by May if they paused until March, in order to avoid the 2020 Capitol outbreak.

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